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Tender Loving Care

My name is Tracy. I'm 14 and I live in Brighton and Hove, in England. I have lots of pets. Below the writting is my cat Lucky.

Lucky is 4 years old, he was born on 11th March. I love him so much.

I first brought Petz the first one then the others to Petz4. I got Catz and Dogz for Petz. I got those games, because I love caring for animals. But then I found out that the people who made Petz had made a new game called Babyz. And when I played it, I loved it. I've had the game for ages now, so I thought I'd make a website for Babyz, and I did. My first baby on Babyz was called Emma, and I've still got her now. She is below.

Emma is my favourite baby, because she is so beautiful and she can walk. And I love her so much.

If you want to e-mail me about anything you like, just click on *E-mail me about anything* below. And in subject write, the word *anything*.

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