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Tender Loving Care
Beauty Contest

If you want to put your baby in the beauty contest, then copy and complete this below on an e-mail to me.

Your name:
Babyz name:
A little about your baby:
*picture of your baby*

Don't forget to attach the picture on the e-mail

Click on the word *Vote* to vote for who you think should win the Beauty Contest. Write in the subject saying vote, and in the writing area, write the name of the baby who should win. Only 5 babyz can be entered in the contest. And when there is 5 pictures, the contest will go on for a month.

The Beauty Contest has now started, the contest will stop on 1st July. So get voting.


Mothers name: Karen
Babyz name: Jasmine-Jade
About the baby: Jasmine is one of three sisters and just like the other two, is a right little poser, there isn't a day, nor a minute that goes by without Jass stopping to poser, tilting her head or smiling innocently...but don't be fooled by the inocent faces, her and her sisters get up to their fair share of mischief!


Mothers name: Hazel
Babyz name: Abby
About the baby: Abby is the sweetest baby ever! She never cries and gets on with everone and shes soooo cute!


Mothers name: Emma
Babyz name: Amy
About the baby: She's a right big smiler. She can stand, but I can't wait untill she walks. She is a beautiful baby and I hope she will win.


Mothers name: Michelle
Babyz name: Tara
About the baby: She's a cutie and I love her soo much! Lets see, she has 1 brother (Nathan) and stuff...


Mothers name: Abby
Babyz name: Sky
About the baby: Sky is my little angel she is the first of triplets (Star Sky Sun). When I found her in unopened file fell in love. Well I hope she gets her first award!!!!!

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